Full Moon Cleansing Ritual

First clean your ritual space, get rid of any clutter, clean and dust the area.

Lay out the items you need.
Cauldron or other heat proof container
White sage and sandalwood incense
3 candles in orange and red
Candles for any other deities or spirits
Items to be cleansed such as crystals, tarot cards, etc

Light the charcoal in the cauldron or heat proof container so it will be ready for the incense when you are ready to begin. (Make sure it is not accessible to pets or children and is in a safe place away from any flammable material.)

Take a ritual bath or shower with salt and any essential oils that you like.
Begin grounding yourself and letting your mind calm down as you shower or bathe. Use music if you want.

Dress in clean clothes (or go skyclad).

Place sage and sandalwood on the hot charcoal and smudge the area.

Take several deep breaths and take a moment to ground yourself.

Cast a circle and call the Elements to guard you during your ritual.

Invite specific deities or spirit guides into your circle (Do not randomly invite entities into your circle, only well known and trusted entities that you wish to take part in the ritual.)

Call on the Goddess and dedicate this ritual on this Full Moon to her. Light the three orange and red candles in honor of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone on the Blood Moon.

‘Mother Goddess, from whom all things come and unto whom all things return, I ask that you bless this ritual in this time and space. The Blood Moon that I celebrate tonight is the time of change and preparation for your children and I dedicate this cleansing to you and ask your blessing.’

Add any additional prayers that you wish.

Take the items to be cleansed and hold them in the smoke from the sage and incense. Visualize any negative energy leaving the items and white light and glowing energy soaking into the items. Do the same for yourself.  Visualize negative energy leaving your body and light and glowing energy taking its place.  Take your time doing this, relax and visualize.

Meditate for a while on the meaning of the Blood Moon, the transition from autumn to winter, the cleansing that you have performed and making room for positive energy in your life.

Put out the candles and say thank you to the Goddess and other entities.

Release the circle and thank the Elements for their help and remind them to return to their own realms.

Spell to Improve Your Business

You will need:

3, 7 or 9 fresh basil leaves

bowl of spring water


dried corn

rice grains

mint leaves

Bless your equipment and ingredients.  Soak the basil leaves in the bowl of water for about one hour, stirring occasionally in a deosil direction.
Beginning to the right of the entrance, walk deosil around your building or work area, sprinkling the aromatic water as you go and repeating the invocation:

"Business expand, business grow, secure and successful, my dealings flow."

Rice and corn symbolize new life and will encourage fertile opportunities in your business.  Bless the citrine, corn, rice and mint.  Place the citrine where you keep your money or transactions.  Offer the corn and rice to the energies that are helping you with your business by sprinkling them in discreet places around your office or workplace.

Carry the mint leave in your money pocket.  Replace them with fresh ones each time you work the spell.  The ideal time to work this spell is once a month on the first day of a new moon.   Use as your need dictates.

by Sally Morningstar


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