Full Moon Cleansing Ritual

First clean your ritual space, get rid of any clutter, clean and dust the area.

Lay out the items you need.
Cauldron or other heat proof container
White sage and sandalwood incense
3 candles in orange and red
Candles for any other deities or spirits
Items to be cleansed such as crystals, tarot cards, etc

Light the charcoal in the cauldron or heat proof container so it will be ready for the incense when you are ready to begin. (Make sure it is not accessible to pets or children and is in a safe place away from any flammable material.)

Take a ritual bath or shower with salt and any essential oils that you like.
Begin grounding yourself and letting your mind calm down as you shower or bathe. Use music if you want.

Dress in clean clothes (or go skyclad).

Place sage and sandalwood on the hot charcoal and smudge the area.

Take several deep breaths and take a moment to ground yourself.

Cast a circle and call the Elements to guard you during your ritual.

Invite specific deities or spirit guides into your circle (Do not randomly invite entities into your circle, only well known and trusted entities that you wish to take part in the ritual.)

Call on the Goddess and dedicate this ritual on this Full Moon to her. Light the three orange and red candles in honor of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone on the Blood Moon.

‘Mother Goddess, from whom all things come and unto whom all things return, I ask that you bless this ritual in this time and space. The Blood Moon that I celebrate tonight is the time of change and preparation for your children and I dedicate this cleansing to you and ask your blessing.’

Add any additional prayers that you wish.

Take the items to be cleansed and hold them in the smoke from the sage and incense. Visualize any negative energy leaving the items and white light and glowing energy soaking into the items. Do the same for yourself.  Visualize negative energy leaving your body and light and glowing energy taking its place.  Take your time doing this, relax and visualize.

Meditate for a while on the meaning of the Blood Moon, the transition from autumn to winter, the cleansing that you have performed and making room for positive energy in your life.

Put out the candles and say thank you to the Goddess and other entities.

Release the circle and thank the Elements for their help and remind them to return to their own realms.

Spell to Improve Your Business

You will need:

3, 7 or 9 fresh basil leaves

bowl of spring water


dried corn

rice grains

mint leaves

Bless your equipment and ingredients.  Soak the basil leaves in the bowl of water for about one hour, stirring occasionally in a deosil direction.
Beginning to the right of the entrance, walk deosil around your building or work area, sprinkling the aromatic water as you go and repeating the invocation:

"Business expand, business grow, secure and successful, my dealings flow."

Rice and corn symbolize new life and will encourage fertile opportunities in your business.  Bless the citrine, corn, rice and mint.  Place the citrine where you keep your money or transactions.  Offer the corn and rice to the energies that are helping you with your business by sprinkling them in discreet places around your office or workplace.

Carry the mint leave in your money pocket.  Replace them with fresh ones each time you work the spell.  The ideal time to work this spell is once a month on the first day of a new moon.   Use as your need dictates.

by Sally Morningstar

Can you imagine a world without witches,

A world with all people the same?

Where the only known dragons are hiding in books,

And children are terribly tame?

A world without magic would be sad indeed.

I cannot imagine the pain

Of having a world where there's no Santa Claus,

Where wizards are searched for in vain.

Can you imagine a world without spells,

That science and businesses run?

And think of the sadness a unicorn feels

When he no longer plays in the sun.

Can you imagine a world without witches,

No elves and no magical pools?

And can you imagine how dull it would be

If all that we had were the schools?

I cannot imagine a world without witches,

A world with no magical wand.

A world without beauty, or even a dream,

Or a wood sprite of whom to be fond.

They say I should grow up and be more mature,

Like a normal adult ought to do.

But I'd rather, at night, go to dance with a witch,

And I'll bet that you feel that way, too.

Can you Imagine?
By Robert F. Potts

I am a Witch!

I am at One with the Earth, The Universe and the Divine!

Let this day be free from Strife and Fear;

Let Only Joy and Love come near;

With Blessings given and received

I walk in Peace in Word and Deed.

~Ann Moura~
image found here

Cauldron Spirit

Many Witches pour a bit of ordinary surgical spirit [rubbing alcohol] into their cast-iron cauldrons and light it by carefully dropping in a lit match.

is often done as part of a healing ritual, invocations to the elemental spirit of Fire, scrying, divination, Sabbat fire festivals and various working rituals.

The sight of the cauldron blazing with flames can be very magical and mesmerizing, and when the alcohol has been steeped in aromatic herbs, a sweet but gentle, incense like fragrance is produced.

To make an herbal ~ Cauldron Spirit~, put into a glass bottle a small bunch of any of all of the following:

fresh lavender flowers and leaves, fresh mint leaves, fresh rosemary flowers and leaves, or fresh thyme flowers and leaves.

Fill the bottle to the top with the alcohol; cap it tightly, and then give it a good shake.

Keep it in a cool dry place for thirteen days, shaking it twice daily [every sunrise and every moonrise].

Strain through a double thickness of muslin into a clear bottle, cap tightly, and store away from heat or flame.

Cauldron Spirit will keep indefinitely.

~ Kitchen Witchery Magick Potions

Gerina Dunwich

Seven Sacred Herbs of the Celts

~ Nuts and Cones: Sacred to the Druids; very magical, especially in fertility magic. Small cones or acorns were sometimes used on the tips of wands used by the Celts.

~ Willow: A Druid sacred tree; one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. The willow is a Moon tree sacred to the Goddess. Its grooves were considered so magical that priests, priestesses and artisans sat among the trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills, and prophecies.

~ St. John's Worth: A Druid sacred herb. The Celts passed it through the smoke of the summer solstice fire, and then wore it into battle for invincibility. The people of Scotland wore it as a charm against Faery influence.

~ Mint: A Druid sacred herb. Burning mint cleanses the area.

~ Juniper: A druid sacred tree. Its berries were used with thyme in incenses.

~ Thyme: A Druid sacred herb. Repels negativity and depression.

~ Elder: A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Celtic White Lady and the Summer Solstice. The Druids used it both to bless and curse. Elder wands drive out evil and negativity. Standing under and elder tree at Midsummer, like standing in a ring of Faery Mushrooms, will help you see the Little People.

Compiled by Barbara Morris

image of Brigid found here

Library Protection Charm

Fan a bit of your favorite incense smoke
over your books and bookshelves
and repeat the charm three times.

Sheshat, Mistress of the House of Books, hear my call,
Guard and protect these magickal tomes, one and all.
If borrowed, may the book always return safely to me,
I bind this charm with the powers of earth, air, flame and sea.

from: Cottage Witchery
by: Ellen Dugan

say goodbye to Winter

In a glass bowl, place fresh snow or ice cubes. Light a red, orange or yellow candle, place in a holder behind the bowl so you can see the candle behind the snow or ice.

As the season turns,
and the sun shines,

I hail the light that returns to the land.

Darkness ebbs, light again flows,

and day
by day the land will grow warm.
Welcome again, Bright Sun.

May your beams caress the land

and transform ice to water,

snow to rain,
cold to warmth,
and winter to spring again.

Allow the snow or ice to melt until it is water. Watch the reflection of the candle on the water and think about the warmth of the sun. Feel the energy of the snow as it melts, the energy of the flame as it emits light and heat. Observe the communication between the two.

When you are finished, pour the water outside at the base of a tree.

adapted from a Solstice ritual by Ann Murphy-Hiscock
The Way of the Green Witch

photo found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50994135@N00/3276588737

the Language of Stones

The strangest landscape begins to look familiar. I can walk this country in my sleep: signs of divination, the Maze of Emergence, the ritual dreams for saving the soul of the world. The sounds are as intimate as breath. My lips move over the syllables like a blind woman’s fingers over the face of her first-born. Insects hum at the forest’s edge & the sun stops overhead. Smoke rises from a ring of river stones & the ashes are thrown downwind. The smell of sage & cedar will be on my skin forever. Everything becomes sacred. Bits of thread flutter from the bushes, as if marking a trail.

I am learning to speak the language of stones. Like rivers over rock, life flowing in the bones, a fire in the wind, an ocean over sand. I am traveling home, where I first began, knowing for the first time, where I once began. Full circle.

Language of Stones
words & music © by Geoff Bartley 1990 & 1994

The Flower of Light, a winter spell

A Celtic spell to help with the winter blues

You need:
-a large circle of yellow cloth
-St. John's Wort oil
-two yellow candles
-yellow flowers

Spread the yellow cloth on the floor and sprinkle with a few drops of blood-red St. John's Wort Oil.

Anoint the candles with several more drops of oil.

Divide the flowers into two bunches.

Seat yourself at the center of the circle of cloth and place a bunch of flowers at the edge of the cloth on each side of you.

Light the candles and place them at the edge of the cloth, in front and behind you.

Pick two full, perfect blooms and hold one in the upright palm of each hand.

Focus your mind on the glow of the candle in front of you and chant:
"oh, healing light, surround me now,
relieve my spirit's darkest hour"

Imagine the scented light being drawn from the candles into the flowers on your palms and from there feel it permeating the whole of your body.

Try to keep this concentration for about 20 minutes and when you rise the melancholy will fall from you.

To complete the spell, take the two flowers in your hands and give them back to Mother Earth.


cast a circle

with my mind I create this circle
with my will I make it strong
with the force of the Elementals it will be protected
with the blessing of the Goddess it will be sacred
for this rite
so mote it be

Cast a Circle
The Magic Circle
John Williams Waterhouse

Triple Goddess Chant

Maiden, cast your circle white
Weave a web of glowing light
Stag and bear, hawk and wolf,
Bind us to thee.

Mother, cast your circle red
Weave the strands of glowing threads
Earth and Air, Fire and Water
Bind us to thee.

Old Crone, cast your circle black
Weave the wisdom that we lack
Sunlight, moonlight, starlight's shimmer
Bind us to thee.

the Language of Stones

You weary nations, I am like some new being you’ve never encountered before. Yet there is nothing about me you can’t recognize. I live in the place where you perceive nothing. Look again! I am the arrowpoint that finds the boar’s heart. I am the flicker of red from a blackbird’s wing. I am the feathers sprouting from your most secret wounds. You will teach me of flying: I will stand on your shoulders and leap! And all will come right, I swear it. We will meet where the forest is deepest, where the night is blank and there are no stars, for I am your annihilation come to make Peace.

Language of Stones
words & music © by Geoff Bartley 1990 & 1994
Spider Woman
Susan Seddon Boulet

Earth Prosperity Tarot Spell

If possible work this spell outdoors. You will be calling upon the Element of Earth. And if possible set this up so your work area faces north.

Gather the following:
a green votive candle (or green tealight)
a votive cup candle holder
half a cup of garden or potting soil
a saucer or small plate to hold the soil
a lighter or matches
a flat surface to work on
and the following Tarot cards
Ace of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles

Place the green candle inside the cup. Snuggle the cup securely into the soil. Arrange the cards next to the dish that holds the soil and candle.
Center yourself.
When you are ready, light the candle and speak the following spell three times:

Element of Earth I call, ground and strengthen me tonight.
May the gods now bless the green spell candle that burns so bright.
The suit of Pentacles and Coins calls for prosperity,
They will help to bring health and abundance quickly to me.

Close the spell by saying:

For the good of all, bringing harm to none,
By the Element of Earth, this spell is done!

Allow the candle to burn out on its own.
Remove the candle to a safe place, never leave a burning candle unattended.

7 Days of Magic
Ellen Dugan

Nature is...

"Nature makes the divine tangible.
Nature is the gown the Goddess wears
to make herself visible;

and the dance the God dances to express his joy.
Looking at nature we see living, incarnate divinity."

Phyllis Currott

Earth, Autumn, Winter

Stunning artwork of the goddess
by Jonathon Earl Bowser


An All Purpose Candle Spell

This is a quick, uncomplicated ritual designed to be used for all positive purposes. You'll need one candle of the appropriate color, one holder and matches.

When you are ready to begin, hold the candle between the palms of your hands.
Breathe deeply. Visualize your goal.
Push personal, programmed power into the candle between your hands.
Feel the energy streaming into it.
Say appropriate words if you wish, simply stating what you need to occur.
Place the candle in its holder.
Strike a match above the candle and draw down the flame toward the candle.
Light the wick,
Put the still flaming match into a heat-proof container (or extinguish its flame with a quick flip of the wrist).
Hold your hands around the candle's flame.
Feel the energy.
Visualize strongly.
Leave the area, let the candle do its work.

(put the candle in a safe place before leaving it)


With color one obtains an energy
that seems to stem from witchcraft.

Henri Matisse


Color correspondences

White...protection, purification, full moon magic, centering, truth, meditation, spirituality

Red...South, Fire, passion, courage, sexuality, energy, enthusiasm, to conquer fear

Light blue...healing, patience, psychic awareness, quests, intuition, ward off depression, harmony

Dark blue...West, Water, Goddess, inspiration, dreams, protection, dreams, emotions

Green...physical possessions, land, money, fertility, growth, faerie magick, renewal, abundance

Yellow...East, Air, intellect, creativity, learning, imagination, confidence

Brown...North, Earth, animals, security, home, physical possessions

Pink...love, peace, friendship, emotional love, healing the spirit

Orange...energy, healing, vitality, luck, clearing the mind, change of luck

Purple...power, dignity, spiritual development, meditation, intuition, psychic ability, wisdom

Gold...The God, solar energy, physical power or strength, skills, fortune, energy

Silver...The Goddess, lunar magick, remove negativity, protection, balance, victory

Violet...self improvement, success, creative work

Green yellow...banish negativity, anger, jealousy, cowardice, sickness, discord

Indigo...meditation, spirit communication, karma working, balance, learning ancient wisdom

Black...ward negativity, banishing, remove hexes, spirit contact, psychic work, endings

A Morning Ritual

Face the North.
Raise your hands to the sky and say:

Good morning, Spirits of the North
I am successful

I am the body of the Earth

the cornucopia showers blessing into my life.

Stand for a moment and let the energy of the Earth pour into your body and soul.
Turn and face the East.
Raise your hands to the sky and say:

Good morning, Spirits of the East
I am creative

I am the spirit of the wind

my mind soars to other realms and back again.

Stand for a moment and let the energy of the Air pour into your body and soul.
Turn and face the south.
Raise your hands to the sky and say:

Good morning, Spirits of the South
I am passionate
I am the glow of flame and lava

I magnetize and inflame the senses as I heal and burn.

Stand for a moment and let the energy of the Fire pour into your body and soul.
Turn and face the west.
Raise your hands to the sky and say:

Good morning, Spirits of the West
I am beautiful

My blood contains the tears of the Mother

I am joy and hidden depths transcended from the moon.

Stand for a moment and let the energy of the Water pour into your body and soul.
Let your head fall back and face the sky.
Raise your hands to the heavens and say:

Good morning, Spirits of the Spirit
I am the balance

My body, mind and spirit are in harmony

I stand in the center of my web, weaving.

Good morning, Lord and Lady

I am your daughter (son)

Guide me and guard me throughout this day.

blessed be

Stand for a moment and feel yourself coming to a place of balance.

Embracing the Moon
Yasmine Galenorn

A Witch Ball

This is delightful.
It is the witch's version of a dreamcatcher and comes from one of my favorite blogs, The Kitchen Grimoire.
Go here to see how to make one.
Make a Witch Ball

A Hearth Goddess Charm

To invoke the benevolence of the hearth goddesses and invite these deities into your home, try this candle charm. Even if you don't have a fireplace, you can create a miniature hearth. Find a safe, flat surface to set up on...
Gather these supplies:

  • one red pillar candle
  • a candleholder or small plate
  • nine white, small, smooth stones
  • a pinch of salt
  • lighter or matches
Arrange the nine white stones around a red pillar candle and its holder. Dust the stones with a pinch of salt to consecrate them. Take a moment to visualize your miniature hearth. See it flowing with warmth, magick and hospitality. Light the candle and repeat the following charm three times:

Goddesses of the home and sacred hearth flame,
Brigid, Hestia and Vesta, I call your names.
A candle for fire, a ring of stones becomes your hearth,
Bless us with warmth and security from this Witch's art.

close the spell:

By all the powers of the earth and fire
The spell is sealed by my will and desire.

Allow the candle to burn for a few hours. When you are finished, snuff the candle and relight it whenever you feel the need to reconnect to the goddesses of the hearth and home.

A Cottage Witchery
Ellen Dugan

I am of a little world made cunningly
of Elements and an angelic sprite.

John Donne

Magick or not...

One thing to keep in mind is that magick has been around forever. Some of what people used to call magick we now call science. Some of what we call magick today will probably be called science tomorrow. Magick is the ability to effect change with your mind. The latest New Age name for it is the Law of Attraction, maybe there is a newer version than that.

Magick can be part of a spiritual path, as mine is, or not. Magick is not supplication to a higher being. The props and tools that many of us use in mystical magick are just that, props and tools. They do not create magick. They help us focus and visualize and draw and control energy to make our own changes. Keep in mind if you use any of the spells or charms in this blog....the change is within you and created by you and sent out to effect change in the universe.


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