Magick or not...

One thing to keep in mind is that magick has been around forever. Some of what people used to call magick we now call science. Some of what we call magick today will probably be called science tomorrow. Magick is the ability to effect change with your mind. The latest New Age name for it is the Law of Attraction, maybe there is a newer version than that.

Magick can be part of a spiritual path, as mine is, or not. Magick is not supplication to a higher being. The props and tools that many of us use in mystical magick are just that, props and tools. They do not create magick. They help us focus and visualize and draw and control energy to make our own changes. Keep in mind if you use any of the spells or charms in this blog....the change is within you and created by you and sent out to effect change in the universe.

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